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Set for a Week-Long Stay on the Gold Coast?

Surfers Tradewinds 13
Posted in Accommodation at 18 August, 2015

It's true that there's no place like home. It is the best place you yearn after a long, trying day. It is the place where you get most comfort, most relaxation, and most quality time with your family. But sometimes, we have to go for a few days, and it's...

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Your Business Trip Made Indulging

Surfers Tradewinds 22
Posted in Accommodation at 28 July, 2015

Contrary to other people's beliefs, business trips aren't exactly a privilege of a lifetime. Sure, out of town trips are for keeps, but business is still business. It is stressful, it is exhausting, and it is not a piece of cake. If you can choose your Su...

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Pack Your Bags and Head Straight to the Gold Coast

Surfers Tradewinds 16
Posted in Accommodation at 04 July, 2015

If you're looking for an exciting and fun-filled holiday, pack your bags and head straight to the Gold Coast. The Gold Coast offers plenty of activities and attractions for a group of friends looking for an exciting holiday. Enjoy different water activiti...

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Spend your Gold Coast Holiday with Us

Surfers Tradewinds 7
Posted in Accommodation at 24 June, 2015

Surfers Tradedwinds invites holidaymakers to spend their Gold Coast Holiday with us. We promise to make you make your holiday more relaxing and enjoyable. We provide our holiday guests numerous facilities to complete their holiday experience. Go for a ref...

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Our 2 Bedroom Apartments are Perfect for Families

Surfers Tradewinds 28
Posted in Accommodation at 24 June, 2015

If you're looking to spend the holiday with your family on the Gold Coast, we invite you to stay with us at Surfers Tradewinds. The spacious two bedroom holiday apartments in Surfers Paradise are designed for friends, office mates, and families. Our holid...

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Comfortable and Elegant Holiday Apartments

Gold Coast Family Apartments
Posted in Accommodation at 28 May, 2015

Surfers Tradewinds invites holidaymakers to stay in our comfortable and elegant holiday apartments. Experience the most relaxing Surfers Paradise apartment accommodation at Surfers Tradewinds Holiday Apartments. Our spacious and tastefully designed Gold C...

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Have a Relaxing and Enjoyable Gold Coast Holiday

Beach 00832
Posted in Accommodation at 26 March, 2015

If you want to spend an exciting and enjoyable holiday, spend it on the Coast with the Most. Spend the entire afternoon trying out the different water activities on the Gold Coast. The beaches of the Gold Coast are renowned all around the world for their...

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Stay in Relaxing Holiday Apartments

Gold Coast Family Apartments
Posted in Accommodation at 24 February, 2015

A holiday on the Gold Coast is surely going to be enjoyable and exciting. Dine in the award-winning restaurants and cafes of Broadbeach and Surfers Paradise and try the many exotic delicacies from all around the world. Other attractions await you like the...

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Homely holiday resort for kids on the Gold Coast

kids playing
Posted in Accommodation at 28 January, 2015

For parents with little kids, finding a low-maintenance holiday is a high priority. When they travel with children, they will most likely go for easier tours in a city and find a place where kids can safely and comfortably relax and enjoy recreational act...

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Nice and cosy resort in a vibrant beachside community

Tra 081 Main Bedroom 36
Posted in Accommodation at 23 December, 2014

Travellers to the sunny and beautiful coastal city of the Gold Coast mostly look forward to fun and exciting beach adventures and great relaxation during their holiday here. A popular destination for surfers, sun-seekers, beachgoers and those who are simp...

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